Friday, February 28, 2014

A NEW Community ART Exhibit By Sue Marrazzo

I am in a Community ART Exhibit at a NEW Venue. It is is a NEW local business here in Central PA...Juice & Grind Cafe and Catering. This is through the Art Center School and Galleries, and runs until May 15, 2014. I am the first member artist to be a part of this community exhibit. In the future, there will be more members exhibiting in this fine business. I visited the cafe and took some photos of my ART on display in the Community Conference Room. Thanks Juice & Grind for this opportunity, and Good Luck with your GRAND OPENING!
Please patronize this NEW local business and a supporter of the Fine ARTS! 

Juice & Grind Cafe and Catering
271 Market St.
Lemoyne, PA.


  1. GORGEOUS display Sue, and your work too! love the walls for your use. Congratulations, BEAUTY!

    1. Thanks, Wanda!
      I appreciate your comments ( ;

  2. Congratulations Sue! That is so awesome!

  3. that looks like a great cafe..I always like cafes that have local art and are independent from the likes of costa which I refuse to go into. I like the mosaic art ones..well done

  4. Hi Lorraine...
    I appreciate your kind words : )