Thursday, July 9, 2015

Meeting The Viewers By Sue Marrazzo

I have a few of my mixed media works currently in a Community ART Exhibit. I was in the space today, and was able to meet a few of the viewers of my ART. The patients were so generous to offer their interpretations, and feedback. It was really WONDERFUL! What artist doesn't like to hear such positive reviews. 
The ART exhibit is open to the public, and available for purchase.

"Budding Romance"
A mixed media painting on canvas
by Sue Marrazzo, ISAP, NCS

On Exhibit at:
The Optometrist Office of
Dr. Raymond S. Savko, O.D.


  1. I love those earthy and green colors/textures in the lower part, has a lovely depth.

  2. Your titles frequently make me take a second look and see things like the romance in that pink! Wow!

  3. How could you have anything but positive reviews?! Your work is so creative - so beautiful! Wishing you the best at the exhibition.

  4. Such a fabulous combination of colours. Beautiful!