Monday, September 15, 2014

Sue Marrazzo Paints At The PA Governor's Mansion

Yesterday, I had the honor of painting at the Governor's Mansion for Harrisburg's Gallery Walk. I was in the rose garden for the afternoon. I was inspired by my surroundings. It was so nice to share my art with so many guests. What a great turnout! I met the governor and his wife...
Mr. and Mrs. Corbett. It was a wonderful art experience! 

 Gov. Tom Corbett and Sue Marrazzo

Sue painting in the Rose Garden.


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    1. Thanks for checking out my post! Have a good day, Susi!

  2. How cool Sue!! Don't know how I missed this post! But what a great honor were you nervous about spilling and or slopping paint? Or did they make you paint outside? teeheehee Just kidding- really very cool adventure!

    1. I was outside in the rose garden. It was so much fun!