Sunday, March 16, 2014

Creative Collage Students' Work By Sue Marrazzo

Here are some more Collages created in the Winter Session of my 
Creative Collage Class. In this Art Class the students create fine art collages using found papers, handmade art papers, found items, and more. They have done such an excellent job in class. The new session for Spring starts 
March 19th, 2014. Sign-ups are still being taken at the Art Center School and Galleries,


  1. how FUN these are from your students and THANK YOU Sue for your great comment on my blog! ;}

  2. There are some fantastic and really inspiring artworks here !

  3. it always amazes me the different view that emerge in collage. Each so rich and personal language. Great job with the Class!

    1. Thanks, Laura!
      I am inspired by them, too ( ;