Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Finishing Touches by Sue Marrazzo

This afternoon, I was putting some finishing touches on one of my new paintings for an ART exhibit that I will be hanging at The Highmark Corporate Offices. Well, I had a little company in the studio, Boo Boo, my daughter's cat. He loves to watch me draw, paint, drip and create. He is so intrigued by ART and has been known to steal my brushes!!! Well, he wanted my china marker: so he won, and I got another. I finished this painting on the easel today. It's always interesting having the cat in the studio!


  1. I am sure you two have a lot of fun in the studio :-) Boo Boo seems very interesting in painting indeed !

    1. He is usually very polite, and just watches!

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