Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Youth Mixed Media Art Class by Sue Marrazzo

Last night in my Mixed Media Art Class for youth we accomplished three art projects. We were Experimental Mixed Media Artists. We experimented with new supplies, dripped, painted and more. Here are a few photos representing some of the work that we did in class. We did a large mixed media Floral Painting with a palette knife, a spray bottle, acrylics, ink, stamps, acrylic mediums and more. Also we worked in our mixed media ART journals and used acrylic paint, ink, stamps, alcohol, sponges, and more. 
The colors were bright and the results were AWESOME!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun experimenting with the paint!

  2. Diana...
    Thanks for checking out my ART Blog!
    It is fun experimenting with paint, and new supplies!
    The students LOVED IT too!

  3. Very beautiful and so much fun! I love the colors!
    Have a super weekend!