Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A NEW Youth Art Class with Artist Sue Marrazzo

Mary with her Mixed Media/Collage
This past Monday night I had a new Youth ART CLASS start. The lesson was on Pablo Picasso, and how his art changed throughout his life. We looked at the different periods of his ART. 
It stopped on his Collage and Mixed Media ART WORK. I did a demo and then the class started their work. The students chose their collage papers, paints and we started on the blank canvas. By the end of class all were done and unique. In the pictures in this post are two of my students, and their sister. 
They did a GREAT JOB on their Mixed Media/Collage Art Piece...Take a look!

Rebekah with her Mixed Media/Collage

Mary and Rebekah love their ART WORK!

Sister Charity was all smiles!

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