Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sue Marrazzo at Goggle Works Gallery Store

Title: Quilted Abstraction I
Medium: Collage
Size:  12" x 12" on wood panel
Copyright, artwork created and owned by Sue Marrazzo

For Sale at:
Goggle Works, Center for the Arts
Gallery Store
201 Washington St. 
Reading, PA. 19601

This is just one of 12 mixed media and collage pieces in the
Goggle Works Gallery Store.  
This is a beautiful space and I am very proud to be accepted into the 
Goggle Works Gallery Store.  


  1. Sue, this is a beautiful piece. I really like your eclectic approach to art. Best of luck with your new blog.

    1. Thanks Taryn! I really enjoy using different mediums...It keeps my ART fresh! Please keep in touch.